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The Safe-Tech TDG certificate program is intended to educate the participant on the principles and procedures of TDG as required by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations as it pertains to road and rail transport. Many products, substances or organisms are dangerous to life, health, property or the environment.  These products, whether naturally occurring or man-made can pose immediate dangers such as toxicity, fire, explosion, asphyxiation, or burns, and long-term dangers such as polluting of the environment. They are classified in legislation as dangerous goods.  A TDG Certificate is mandatory for those handling, offering for transport and/or transporting dangerous goods.  


  • Legislation including safety and training requirements
  • History of TDG and the 5 W's
  • Classification of dangerous goods and inclusion of chemicals
  • Packing groups
  • Duties and penalties for consignor, consignee and carrier
  • Placarding and labelling
  • Means of containment
  • Documentation requirements
  • Accidental release
  • Reporting requirements
  • Emergency response assistance plan (ERAP)


  • Program is held on-site at your location and runs 4 hours



  • In-Class program
  • Record of training report
  • Written examinations
  • Government specified certificate for each participant (valid for 3 years)
  • Framed wall certificate for company


Safe-Tech is a preferred training provider and recommended by Workplace Safety & Prevention Services and many of our programs are MOE Director approved.

  • Safe-Tech programs meet or exceed all pertinent standards and regulations.
  • On-site programs are offered on any shift, 24/7, without shift premiums.
  • Our unique training techniques incorporate exclusive custom models and visual aids which enhance interest and facilitate higher comprehension & retention levels for all participants.
  • Our internal data management and tracking system automatically notifies clients at least 30 days before personnel are due for applicable recertification.
  • Safe-Tech is the first and only training company in the industry to offer a satisfaction guarantee. “If the content or presentation of any Safe-Tech program is not to your complete satisfaction, there will be no charge".

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